How I Revamped My Blog Today

Today I’m excited to tell you all about the new things I did to my blog. Wow! A day of blog format learning! OMG! I learned so much from Jeni of The Blog Maven.

I followed her on video tutorial “How To Feature Your Most Pinterest-Worthy Posts In Your Sidebar.” She also offers a free PDF guide, “5 things you can fix on your blog in the next week to get more subscribers” when you sign up for emails, that was also extremely helpful.

Speaking of signing up for emails, I also figured out how to add a MailChimp widget to have people sign up for email newsletters. Please do sign up so my hard work was not wasted! (I sure hope I did it right!) The sign up is super-easy and right under my photo at the top of the sidebar, which I also learned how to do today! I even added the requisite MailChimp icon/link under the sign up area, in case you need MailChimp too!

Yes, I was very busy!

Again, please sign up for the newsletter, and share your in the comments about the Pinterest sidebar feature! Thanks!

Ciao! Paula