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Welcome to That Was Then | This Is Wow.
After seeing the recent boom in style blogs, I noticed most of them were created by 20/30 somethings for 20/30 somethings. While I think many of them are great, I didn’t see a lot for women over this demographic.

As a graphic designer, I also didn’t see very many where I liked the look and feel of the sites. So I thought I’d put my own two cents into the fray, and this blog was born.

It’s still a work in progress, as the learning curve for blogging software alone is steep, and I’ve only just begun. I hope to get it to more of what I envision in the next few months, but of course, by then I’ll probably have a different vision.

Who I am
I’m a Nor Cal girl, born and raised, living in the San Francisco Bay Area with degrees in Illustration and Textiles. I’ve been an artist from the time I could hold a crayon, with a deep love of photography since high school, winning a few awards for both along the way.

My Style
So here’s the thing: I love fashion (I had dreams of being a fashion designer). Especially shoes. But unless I win the lottery, I can’t buy everything I see or want, just to post an OOTD. (And if I did win the lottery, buying clothes and shoes isn’t the first thing I would spend money on, but that’s another discussion….)

So what I’m going to do is mostly curate. I’ll post stuff I love. Some of it I would wear myself, some it just because it’s fabulous or fun. I’ll post pics of my own outfits from time to time.

I don’t think clothing is necessarily “age appropriate.” I think it should be “person appropriate.” That said, nobody wants to see an old lady wearing teenage clothes. I am passionate about keeping fit, especially by dancing, so I tend more towards body-con clothes and classic pieces.

Topics I’m hoping to cover on That Was Then | This Is Wow
Fashion & Style
Health & Fitness
Age mindset & being “of a certain age.”
DIY Projects
Food & Recipes


  1. Princellar
    December 4 @ 21:22

    Hi, found your blog while checking out posts in the December NaBloPoMo and though I’m not much of a fashion person, I did just hit the big 50 mark and am looking forward to getting tips and other ideas for the 2nd half of life.


    • Paula
      December 4 @ 21:33

      Hi Princellar!

      Welcome to the fab 50’s! I’m hoping to inspire other people, 50ish or any age. We can only be ourselves, and the older we get, the easier it is. Let’s do this together! Follow me on BlogHer and/or bloglovin’; I’ll look for and follow you too. Thanks for reading! Paula


  2. Betty
    September 22 @ 09:52

    Love this photo of you!


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