Portfolio Update Completed!

Hooray! My portfolio / LinkedIn update is done! I’m still working on the “branding” thing, but I’m not sure how much the “personality tests” will help. In fact, there’s an article from the New York Times here that says these kinds of tests are basically worthless.

So I’m still a bit stymied for the “branding” thing. Nonetheless, that does not keep me from feeling a huge sense of accomplishment for having done a complete overhaul on my formerly anemic portfolio. I had gotten so far behind on updating it, that the mere thought of how much work it would be was overwhelming. I thanked the person who gave me the wake up call this evening; she will receive the email in the morning.

I spent a week editing the projects and preparing the Photoshop files and uploading them, sometimes several times to get the size of the image just the right to make a good page layout. The flow from one project to the next needed to be right as well, so there was a lot of shuffling the projects around. But now I can feel proud of what’s there, and it will give potential clients a much greater sense of the depth of my work. Yay!

I’ll keep working on the “branding.”

What do you think about the need for everyone and everything to be “branded?” Do share in the comments.

Ciao! Paula