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My Good Side

Today’s NaBloPoMo topic starter is the question: Do you think one side of your face photographs better than another? My answer is a resounding yes! About 15 years ago, I started noticing that in some photos, one of my eyes looked “wonky.” When holding a pose for the camera, we all tend to “freeze” and try not to blink before the shutter goes off so we don’t wind up with pictures with our eyes closed. But I noticed one eye consistently seemed to be too wide open and thus “wonky.”

Even my sister asked what was going on. “You don’t look like that,” she said. So I tried not holding my eyes so wide open for a while. This didn’t work so well either, as it resulted in photos where I clearly looked self-conscious or my eyes just looked wonky in a different way.

Flash forward a few years, and I was finally getting married. There would be lots of pictures taken that day, and several wedding sites had articles advising practicing poses for the big day. So I did just that, checking out which angles, head tilts, smiles, etc worked best. It was one less thing to worry about, I felt much more at ease, and most of my photos come out great. Knowing how to pose also came in handy when shortly after, I had my first-ever photoshoot for my women’s performance dance group. The photo in my “About” section is one of the photos from that session, as is my sidebar intro and avatar photo.

So the answer to “Do you think one side of your face photographs better than another?” is…drumroll please…my left side.

Paula bridal veil |

Which side is your best side? Let me know in the comments.

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Older Models Find Success After Youth

In our youth-obsessed culture, as women get older they start to lose value. Enter the era of the older model.

Women well past 40 are gaining speed in the modeling world. Some are former models returning as the Baby Boomer generation demands more representation of their demographic, others never stopped working.

I’m featuring four here, but there are many, many more out there. All are proudly silver haired and eschew coloring it.

First up is Daphne Selfe, a British model known as “the world’s oldest supermodel.” In an article from the Huffington Post, 85 year old Selfe can be seen in a video for a TK Maxx (UK version of TJ Maxx) strutting her stuff alongside her much younger counterparts.

photo: Huffington Post