So Who Needs an iPhone Anyway? Oh, Me!

Today I finally got an Instagram account–on my iPad. Now I need to start taking pictures with the iPad until I get an iPhone.

We’re dinosaurs

My husband and I feel like we’re in a tiny minority that doesn’t have some kind of smart phone, whether it be an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Windows phone, etc. But up until now, we honestly didn’t need one. However, on vacation this Fall, we found having one would have been really handy to contact our hosts for our accommodations, maps when we got a bit lost, finding restaurants, etc., on the go.

So exactly what do we get for our money?

And it’s not the cost of the phone, but the plan. When smart phones first came out, the plans were ridiculously expensive. My old ATT plan is still the best for the money with Rollover minutes for basic mobile service. It gives my husband and me plenty of minutes to share for under $60 per month.

Time is money

But it has become apparent that having a smart phone will start saving us time and money in the long haul. Being able to snap a pic to deposit checks would be fabulous. Being able to snap Street Style pics without having to dig out a “real” camera and freak people out is a definite plus. Using Siri to tell us how to get places instead of hauling out a different paper map for every location would be much simpler.

Which carrier should we go with?

Still doing research, but so far T-Mobile is winning, unless we want to get stuck with a two-year contract with ATT.

Got any suggestions or recommendations? Tell me in the comments. Thanks!

Ciao! Paula