White Jeans Styled Two Ways

Hello World! It has been some time since my last post. House buying, moving in and setting up a new home, and life getting in the way! Finally, getting back, and as an additional incentive, the NaBloPoMo for May involves photography. I have loved photography from an early age and miss being in the darkroom, winding a spool of B&W film and developing it; making my own prints. But I am slowly getting to know my iPhone, the various apps for editing photos taken with it, and learning how to use Instagram.

So the first topic for NaBloPoMo May is “You” and “Selfies.” Me, I’m not a big selfie fan. At least not yet. I haven’t practiced enough to really know. But I’m at a disadvantage right off the bat because I’m not tall. Which means I don’t have long arms. Which makes it a lot more difficult to put the phone a good distance or angle to take a decent photo of yourself. I’ve been looking into selfie sticks and remote/tripod setups for the iPhone.

In the meantime, I did need some photos of myself last week to submit styling ideas for the “How I Wear My…” feature of Adrienne Shubin’s blog The Rich Life on a Budget. This month’s theme is White Jeans. I’ve styled my white jeans with flats and heels. These were selfies taken with a regular point-and-shoot using the camera’s self-timer and a tripod.

1) With Cricket-style H&M sweater, Coach sneakers and H&M straw hat.

H&M Cricket style sweater, Gap straight cut slim fit white jeans, Coach kicks. | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

H&M Cricket style sweater, Gap straight cut slim fit white jeans, Coach kicks.

H&M Straw Hat | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

Adding an H&M straw hat.

Close up of Coach Sneakers | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

Close up of Coach sneakers.

another view | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

Another view.

2) With Cosabella sheer mesh cami and Ramon Tenza lucite heel sandals.

Jeans 2 | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

Gap straight cut slim fit white jeans with sheer floral mesh top and lucite heel sandals.

Sheer Floral Top | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

Close up of sheer floral top.

Lucite Heel Sandals | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

Close up of lucite heels.

Another view 2 | thatwasthenthisiswow.com

Another view.


The H&M sweater is new, recently purchased on sale online; the straw hat and Coach sneakers are from previous recent seasons. A fun way to update! I am always looking for new, on-trend pieces to combine with my existing wardrobe.

The Cosabella cami and sandals were both purchased from Nordstrom a long time ago. I very seldom buy shoes at full price, but I fell completely in love with these gorgeous lucite heeled sandals and knew I couldn’t wait–they would be sold out! As luck would have it, I later found the multi-colored cami, whose colors were complemented by the sandals! This is a favorite party outfit of mine in the summer.

It’s good to be back! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. How did you like my stylings and what is your take on selfies? Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Ciao!