Asked someone to take a picture of you lately?

I originally asked my husband to take photos of me for the White Jeans post. I found it was not any easier than setting up the camera on a tripod and taking selfies with a timer, as he didn’t know what I wanted. At least when I took them myself, I could immediately take another after seeing the result.

When someone else is taking the photos, you are more likely to keep going for a few poses before taking a look and finding out you wasted your time because the angle etc was all wrong. When you take them yourself and look at the result right away, you can adjust immediately for the next shot. The first shot is what I used for my post:

Sheer Floral Top |

Close up of sheer floral top.

Paula MeshTop2 |

Oops! Too dark and blown out background.

Paula MeshTop3 |

Oops! Didn’t notice my hem wasn’t even!

Of course, the good thing with someone else shooting is you don’t have to stop after every shot to set up the camera again. The good thing about taking your own pics is you don’t have to coordinate with someone else.

The main thing harder about taking your own pics was figuring out how to do the prefocus and making sure you step into the same focal length or you will be out of focus. Then again, “soft focus” can be a plus…. Use the method you need to get the shot you need.

Do you prefer to have someone else take your photos or DIY? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Ciao! Paula