How Often Are You In Your Photographs?

OK, I was going to do the photo post of “My Love,” but my husband didn’t want to pose for a picture. So, I’m doing the question instead.

As previously mentioned, I am not a big selfie fan. I am not in most of my photos, as I like recording my environment, looking for something new in the everyday; a new angle/perspective to something ordinary, new lighting situation, new way of looking at something.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get used to taking photos of myself to post OOTDs. I suppose I will eventually stop feeling silly posing in front of the camera, waiting for the timer to go off. Or not. I bought a book with “1000+ Poses for Fashion Photographers” to get some ideas for how to pose.

Here are three versions of my pose in a hat for my White Jeans post:

Paula Chan Straw Hat |

Adding an H&M straw hat

Paula Hat3 |

Should I be looking down?

Paula Hat2 |

Or should I look at the camera?

Even when I find a pose I like, I still need to practice it several times in front of the mirror to a) figure out how to replicate the pose, b) get comfortable with the pose, c) do it several times when in front of the camera to get it right, as you can’t see what you’re getting until you run back to check.

Practice makes perfect….

What are your experiences with self-photography? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Ciao! Paula